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Sandy Farr is an Alberta artist who paints and sculpts a wide variety of subjects… ranging from scenes of the forgotten west, to nature’s beauty, to stunning portraits of people and animals.

Sandy’s love of painting in oils is her number one passion ever since she was a young girl living out west of Sundre Alberta. Since proper oil paints were too expensive when she was young, Sandy would go to her father’s workplace and salvage leftover paint from the ranch where her dad was a hired hand. With tins and brushes in hand, she would happily paint on whatever she could get her hands on.

Eventually life got in the way… and between raising a family and milking cows for 30 years, paintings were few and far between. However; now the family is all grown up and she is retired from dairying, Sandy now has time to go back to what she really loves to do in her studio west of Didsbury Alberta.

Sandy’s foray into sculpting began with her friend and mentor Gina McDougall Cohoe, whom she met at the Calgary Stampede. Gina insisted Sandy switch from doing sugar sculpture on cakes to actual bronze sculpture. When Sandy received a belt buckle from the Calgary Stampede for Best New Artist 3 Dimensional in 1993, it gave her enough confidence to continue on with her bronzes. She eventually won the competition for the winning bronze for the Stampede Barrel Racing competition, then the Blacksmith competition. Most recently, Sandy won the honor of sculpting the coveted Champion Chuckwagon bronze that is still being presented at this time in Calgary. You can also see one of Sandy’s bronzes at the Calgary Stampede grounds near the Grandstand entrance, where a life size bronze of fallen RCMP officer Dennis Massey stands to greet the public.